Wholesale Box - 25 Units
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BOOT SLIP is a unique and simple solution to the #1 boot problem- Sliding on new boots or putting on boots which have tight ankle shafts !!!

FINALLY Boot Slip has made it easy for customers during an in store boot fittings:

    • NO MORE Rigorous ankle twisting!

    • NO MORE ankle bruises & abrasions!

    • NO Strength required!

Customers are loving our product since our launch. Stores owners have expressed to us that BOOT SLIP has added an exceptional experience to their customer boot fitting trials, easy to uses and PERFECT for customers to break in new Cowboy Boots.


Here are some sales highlights of BOOT SLIP, our product will:

  • Drive incremental sales. No sales cannibalization on other products, no product like this exists.

  • Demonstrated sales performance as a unique boot necessity. Customers love it.

  • Marketing programs which will build brand equity& awareness, driving traffic to your stores.

  • Add a margin-builder to assist with new boot sales and accessories to improve store profitability.

  • Guaranteed reliability for re-stocking inventory and prompt delivery. 

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Wholesale Box - 25 Units

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