In Store Boot Sleeves - 5 Sets
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BOOT SLIP is a unique and simple solution to the #1 boot problem- Sliding on new boots or putting on boots which have tight ankle shafts !!!


  • Unique product design & functionality to effectively slide on boots without painful friction. No Product like it (Patent Pending)

  • Exceptional Customer experience – ZERO pain for boot fittings and to try on new boots.

  • Novelty for customers – They will be amazed how the product works (See our Amazon Reviews)

  • Universal fit for ALL types of boots, assisting with the problematic contact points inside the shaft.

  • Strong customer value proposition: To assist with new boot purchases.

  • 100% Recyclable- non-toxic, non-latex and non-silicone. 

  • Item #: 003

In Store Boot Sleeves - 5 Sets

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